Real Estate Development & Investment

It’s the only, steady and totally reliable liaison, "one stop shop", the client's contact during the implementation of a project.

From planning and financing to the implementation of a project

Development planning

  • Market research
  • Feasibility studies
  • Viability studies
  • Technical and economic analysis of investment
  • Leasing – sales strategy and study of the optimal ratio regarding lessees-buyers
  • Legal services
  • Legal and urban planning inspection
  • Cooperation with public authorities
  • Negotiations with banks and financial credit institutions

Construction Administration & Management

  • Supervision – coordination and monitoring of construction studies
  • Preparing required documents and tenders performing
  • Time management and financial planning of a project implementation
  • Coordination, implementation supervision and project acceptance
  • Execution – management of construction contracts and equipment supplies
  • Construction qualitative and quantitative monitoring

Preparation of technical studies

Inclusive completion of a project for the account of the owner

Integrated real estate planning and development solutions

  • Market research and detection of new investment opportunities
  • Market analysis and evaluation of real estate development proposals
  • Inspection of the real estate portfolio to identify opportunities and risks
  • Investment consulting services to companies and capitals invested to real estate
  • Consulting on investment – development decision-making
  • Strategic and business planning for the utilization of portfolios and individual properties
  • Business, technical, financial and legal planning of real estate development and utilization
  • Identify the ideal investment-return relation for the benefit of the investors
  • Capital management and establishment of companies investing in real estate

Real estate promotion on behalf of the owner-investor

Research and market analysis

Marketing programs planning and implementation

Leases and sales management

  • Mediation and negotiation
  • Legal and urban planning services
  • Preparing of all relevant contracts and agreements

Integrated development of commercial network

  • Market research for stores leasing or acquisition of commercial properties
  • Negotiation coordination for the conclusion of commercial agreements
  • Real estate urban planning and legal inspection
  • Preparing studies
  • Studies coordination
  • Tender procedure for awarding a construction project
  • Quality and construction cost inspection
  • Coordination and simultaneous management of projects in different areas
  • Inclusive completion of a project for the account of the owner

Building facilities management

  • Facilities technical inspection
  • Prepare buildings statutory act
  • Prepare building budget and follow up
  • Suppliers selection process and conclusion of relevant contracts
  • Maintenance services and guarantee proper operation of buildings facilities

Real Estate Technical and Ownership Due Diligence

BuildUp is specialized and successfully provides special services in real estate assets Technical and Ownership Due Diligence, (more than 1.000 assets during the last 3 years), with clients the major Banks and NPLs management companies in Greece.

Real Estate Acquisition Closing Process

BuildUp specialized team offers exclusive services in real estate acquisition closing process (cooperation with sellers, buyers, buyers’ engineers and lawyers, other co-owners, notaries, public authorities and all other third parts involved in the acquisition) in order our clients to accomplish their acquisitions successfully and in the minimum time. (Successfully involved and supported the closing process of acquisitions of more than 65mil euros during the last 2 years).

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