Real Estate Development & Investment


BuildUp constitutes the “next step” for the construction corporation “Christos Papachristou”. A company with a substantial, successful and solid presence since 1970, in the areas of residential and commercial development, utilization of selected privately owned properties, as well as in the domain of public and private construction projects. BuildUp is a company that provides Real Estate Development and Investment Services.

BuildUp has the knowledge of the financial and technological trends of the Greek, as well as those of the international market, and it’s a company that can thorougly study and evaluate any offer. This way, it guarantees its clients the maximum value and profitability of the project they are interested in.

It’s the only, steady and totally reliable liaison, "one stop shop", the client contacts during the implementation of a project.

Integrated Development

From planning and financing to the implementation of a project


Integrated real estate planning and development solutions


Real estate promotion on behalf of the owner-investor


Integrated development of commercial network


Building facilities management


Complete building & property management

Due Dilligence

Real Estate Technical and Ownership Due Diligence


Real Estate Acquisition Closing Process

Latest News

CityScape Global Dubai / UAE

The President and CEO of BuildUp Mr. Dimitris Papachristou participated in the investor meetings “Investors Round Tables” in the context of the conference and the

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